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The only way to be sure is one of two ways: Put a small AC  Simple and easy way to understand the pinout of monitor flyback transformer. Get the best deal for flyback transformer from the largest online selection at eBay. I got a couple of problems wiring this flyback transformer to generate high voltage DC. -=I do not TV flyback transformer datasheet list Label: flyback datasheet, Flyback pin, flyback serial number A flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special type of electrical transformer. measure on a positive foot elco. I have the Np:Ns and Naux:Ns turns ratios and I was hoping anyone here would help me know and state what other attributes I need to specify to the manufacturer. Easiest way to make a HV supply from an old TV or PC monitor (best flyback driver) - Duration: 12:00. In North America, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) publish applicable standards. com Browse items by group & manufacturer Electronics > Consumer electronics > TV > Samsung > ( there are 735 files in this category ) TV - Conventional CRT, LCD Projectors, TFT, Plasma, Big Screen, HDTV, Home theater - Service manuals, repair tips The 30W "limit" is only a ball park recommendation - people mostly design on flyback topology at this power levels. The chosen topology is flyback and as is the case of flyback transformers, I need to get one custom made. A sincere advocator of the classical video arcade scene. BSC24-09G. How to Find the Primary and the Secondary Coils of a FlyBack Transformer: The main problem, in most cases, is that you don't know the pinout diagram of a flyback transformer. I'm trying to repair my daughter's RCA television, and I need advice about choosing a replacement MOSFET. FSV 20A001 (samsung) FCK 14A033 FSV 14A001 So I assume it was made by Samsung. The antenna should be the same as in circuit one; they both do the same things. It was initially designed to generate high  TV Flyback Transformer Datasheet List - Free download as Word Doc (. Flyback transformer flybacks can be found in all types of monitors and screens that use a cathode ray tube (CRT), e. Seems they have massive mains frequency transformers though. If you hear a hissing noise around the flyback that might indicate that the casing is cracked. P51503-7: Sony cpdg500 monitor, brightness too high with all controls set at lowest possible. In order to learn more about flyback part number, i suggest you go to google and key in flyback manufacturer. Sir I Have A LG Tv The Flyback Transformers Is Bad How Can I Fine The Number  Mar 29, 2015 The primary and secondary coils might not have a common pin. Tekan tombol AV di remote >> tekan Menu >> tekan QuickView >> tekan Mute. update ccfl lcd to led lcd,led strip,led backlight,led kit,led backlight strip,display led,repair lcd,LED converter Flyback Transformer (1835) Cooler Fans (414) LCD PDP TV Parts (uesd) (509) Samsung TV parts Used (98) Plasma TV Parts Uesd (270) Motor samsung transformer TMS91429CT: Growamis. combined feedback for 5v and 12v outputs. Komponen Utama TV WCom/TORAS 29-34". TDA 935X/6X/8X, Tv Signal procersor, Teletext decoder with Embedded U Controler. FSV 14A001 (Samsung) FSV 20A001 FCK 14A033 Memahami Flyback Transformer Pinout Cara Mudah; If no transformer meets your design criteria, consider one of our versatile Hexa-path transformers. . Academia. Daftar lengkap kumpulan data pin kaki flyback tv tabung SHARP dan persamaan berbagai model seperti tv sharp piccolo, alexander slim pro, wonder, universe, qbeat, q vision, piccolo slim, expression, batique slim, iioto, tv sharp ioto, x-pression, new q vision, zweiton, fine crystal, tv sharp cleopatra, tv sharp czar dll. Still another old Samsung Syncmaster 450b 15″ CRT monitor with the problem of very little width adjustment and pin cushion problem. 90 € hr8168: rtrnf2073bmzz line output transformer (lopt)/ flyb 1: 29. Depending on the flyback, the output should be DC. R. So, I shall try to give you a simple method to find the primary coil input pins and also the 0 V output pin of the HV secondary coil. Hello there, Mouser and DigiKey dont have flyback transformer categories. Patokan Standar gulungan Cara Kerja Motor Pompa Air : Prinsip kerja motor Find Quality Electronic Components Supplies Products IC,Connectors,Capacitor,Resistors,Diodes,Transistors,LED at Suvsystem. the frequency is so high and you need a special meter to do the job. ประเภทสินค้า : ฟลายแบ๊คทีวี 29 นิ้ว. 92 € hr8170: aa2630002h/aa2630005y/cs5099nx ct5346vc/cx5344n sa 1: 22. So I believe the PSU could easily spit out the advertised 45W. Finally, the innermost layer of the iPad charger flyback transformer is the second half of the primary winding (above). Mengenal Flyback Transformer Monitor dan TV Sobat, FBT Monitor dan TV mempunyai beberapa kesamaan, perbedaan yang paling jelas adalah pada capasitor internalnya. Free Shipping. AC voltage gets into the primary part in linear transformer after which modified the AC in a decreased or increased AC voltage with regards to the second transformer winding. LG is one source for flyback 6174Z-1003G, or in some regions, an H. I've just ordered a 2SK2917 from Mouser to replace the 2SK2842 I pulled from the power supply. Splitting the primary winding into two layers is more expensive, but results in a better transformer due to better coupling of the magnetic fields. One example is the Samtron flyback with part number of FKD15A001 and is the same as FKG15A001. SOLUTION: When replacing a flyback transformer refer to the parts list below. pude adaptar un flyback a un tv Sonyluz. DATA PIN-OUT FLYBACK. Zeewhois Search engine optimization Over 50 SEO tools to track SEO issues and help improve your website's visibility in search engines. Home » data pin, Flyback, skema flyback » Data Pin Flyback transformer Data Pin Flyback transformer Berikut ini beberapa data pin/kaki-kaki flyback yang akan terus di update. Diemen equivalent may be easier to obtain. Well, I've previously programmed a standard GLCD based on the samsung KS0107/0108 controllers. schematic of a flyback transformer - Yahoo Image Search Results. : jf0501-2136. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. It had the typical 20 pin straight connector, but recently I found an older GLCD with some particular difference on the connector. 3 ohms, and primary resistance of 230 ohms. Here are the common Monitor flyback pinouts B+ pin, collector pulse, ground, x-ray protect, automatic frequency control (AFC), automatic blanking limiter (ABL), heater (for old monitors), G1 (brightness), G2 (depends on Monitor designs), VCC and LG flyback- It start with 6174z-xxxx. base drive signal transformer. $18. So, I shall try to give you a simple method to find the primary   how to find flyback transformer pinout and i don't hav a datasheet voltage low, and then apply the output to a pair of wires on the transformer. edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. AA26-00237A, AA26-00319A, BSC25-0217G, BSC25-0210E, F01D0001R, FOK14B001 ~Samsung security system Flyback transformers differ in terms of approvals and features. I'm calling it the Cube. I hope somebody here has the pinout for this flyback transformer. From China. The February 1998 issue of 'Television' magazine, has a simple circuit for an LOPT (Line Output Transformer - flyback transformer) tester. If you know the winding value of each flyback then it is easy for you find a substitution. ElectroHome G07 Monitor Video Game Repair 06/21/07, by cfh@provide. A 230V operated 23VA transformer will have a secondary resistance of about 2. html Samsung TV The main problem, in most cases, is that you don't know the pinout diagram of a flyback transformer. What is the problem? Persamann Flyback Persamaan Flyback Transformer Data Pin - persamaan flyback tv,skema tv toshiba,daftar persamaan transistor,persamaan ic tv,flyback tv,data pin flyback,data servis tv,kode servis Persamaan Flyback Samsung,Data PIN Trafo Flyback F0101 KM-SA sharp Data Flyback Tcl Alternative Energy Data Flyback Tcl Persamaan Flyback Tv Merek China Mother Guides. Hi, I am constructing an Ionocraft(lifter), and I just bought a samsung FCZ-29A002 model flyback transformer. flyback transformer for monitor mes m28: 1: 34. Posted on July 27, 2015 July 27, 2015 by katzmanverde. FSV20A001 (data pin flyback tv samsung zoom vision) : Koleksi Data Pinout IC Micom/Jungle. g. The single biggest thing that needs repairs in the "classic" coin operated video games (1980-1984) are monitors. AKARI. bias and 5v standby supply\rbased on flyback converter. Flyback Part Number ~ Brand. The flyback converter is a buck-boost converter with the inductor split to form a transformer, so that the voltage ratios are multiplied with an additional advantage of isolation. With just a few additional parts, it can produce nice wavey arcs and even power a Jacob's ladder (traveling arc. 99 € hr8171: 154-375j flyback transformer 21" m55c loewe = 90353982: 1 Voltage 110v for TVs 14 "-21" and 130v for 25 "-29" in the B + FlyBack Transformer (FBT), find the path there is elco 100uf/160volt. I decided to try a high voltage flyback transformer and it works 2n3055 Flyback Transformer Driver for Beginners: Intro: This instructable will show you how to make a cheap and simple driver circuit in order to get high voltage arcs out of a component called a flyback transformer. NTE a leading electronics supplier of semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, LED products and more. So use your own understanding on the circuit below to find the 0V pinout. For more information about transformer design, download the Coilcraft Structured Design Guide for Switching Transformers for a step-by-step guide to transformer design or fill out the Power Transformer Design Worksheet. The Paper Airplane King 31,181 views This is my ZVS driver from my previous video,someday I'll make a tutorial step by step and show you how to make this zvs driver. Component catalog, datasheets and online cross reference Understanding The Functions Of Switch Mode Power Supply Troubleshooting linear power supply is extremely straightforward as opposed to SMPS or switch mode power supplies. If it is shorted, that’s a good indication that you have a bad flyback. Some China made Flyback- It start with BSCXXXXXX. If you suspect flyback trouble, the first thing to check is the HOT (Horizontal Output Transistor) with a standard multimeter to see if it’s shorted. Ok I admit I'm not the best video game tech. Original Tv Flyback Hight Quality Tv Fbt 6174-5003l , Find Complete Details about Original Tv Flyback Hight Quality Tv Fbt 6174-5003l,Ferrite Core Tv Flyback Transformer Fbt Crt,Tv Flyback Transformer Pinout Fbt Crt,Flyback Transformer For Lg Tv from Television Supplier or Manufacturer-Hangzhou Smart Technology Co. Diposting oleh Unknown On 0 komentar. Fbt For Tv/monitor With Factory Price Bsc25-0218n , Find Complete Details about Fbt For Tv/monitor With Factory Price Bsc25-0218n,Tv Fbt Bsc25,Samsung Fly Back Transformer,Flyback Transformer Pinout from Integrated Circuits Supplier or Manufacturer-Hangzhou Smart Technology Co. blogspot. video arcade crt arcadecrt arcadecup arcade cup Chad Entringer wells gardner neotec flyback remote board parts chassis service queue form Fast turnaround flat rate. Port 1,3 or Counter /Timer 1 input 2. This high voltage PSU utilises a high voltage flyback transformer (also known as a Line Output Transformer – LOPT) salvaged from an old black and white TV. This pin is the ground, note its location. Data Pin Flyback Transformer. su numero original. The ability to operate in both CCM and DCM make the device suitable for applications with a wide power range. net. número 84-LB2-606-01 quedo trabajando a la perfección. I have found this. After I power it on for a few minutes, there is a burst sound but without any smoke or any noticeable burnt component. USB Type -C Overview USB Power Delivery specification introduces USB Type-C receptacle, plug and cable; they provide a smaller, thinner and more robust alternative to existing USB interconnect. adapte el de un tv marca Aiwa. Bongkar remot aslinya, tekan tombol kosong di atas tombol VolUp. How to identify the correct wires in a transformer ? Electrical experts,please describe correct wiring on transformer? Flyback transformer pinout Samsung FUH-29A001(S)? In the majority of designs, the live parts of the TV or monitor are limited to the AC input and line filter, degauss circuit, bridge rectifier and main filter capacitor(s), low voltage (B+) regulator (if any), horizontal output transistor and primary side of the flyback (LOPT) transformer, and parts of the startup circuit and standby power supply. However, experiment with which flyback output gets you the best "ion wind" or purple corona. -=I do not Related: vintage flyback transformer high voltage transformer ac flyback transformer flyback driver high voltage generator rca flyback transformer flyback transformer driver flyback transformer core flyback transformer samsung zvs driver tesla coil microwave transformer The flyback (vertical portion of the sawtooth wave) can be a potential problem to the flyback transformer if the energy has nowhere to go: the faster a magnetic field collapses, the greater the induced voltage, which, if not controlled, can flash over the transformer terminals. Analisa Kerusakan Bagaian Defleksi Horizontal. TV flyback transformer pinout datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes E52853 DAEWOO TV flyback transformer samsung flyback pin diagram Jun 26, 2007 Plz help for flyback number Samsung TV model cs-21k3ml . The peak power mode allows transient peak power delivery up to 200% of nominal rating, with only a 25% peak current increase, maximizing transformer utilization. In Europe, products may comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives or meet requirements from TUV or VDE. FBT Monitor mempunyai internal capasitor untuk meningkatkan hasil kualitas gambarnya. Unfollow flyback transformer samsung to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. The revised flyback transformers that have been applied to the latest production runs will have resistance values changed in the x-ray protection and the high voltage adjustment circuits. Sebagai komponen high voltage transformer, flyback sering mengalami kerusakan baik yang bisa dilihat secara Samsung is a Japanese brand right? What comes to mind when I say Samsung? Flyback transformer pinout Samsung FUH-29A001(S)? Samsung 740 help? Answer Questions. The flyback transformer pinout will also generate high pulse ac which later convert to dc through an ultra fast recovery diode. satu lagi mas ada yg ketinggalan, thoshiba 28" dramatik vision, klo baru distel gmbr oke dlm arti bisa dipindah chanel dng mudahnya, tp klo sudah agak panas (-/+30mnt)di pindh chanel susah dlm arti hanya lyr biru aja,klo udah bgini jalur AV pun jg ikut biru,pda hal ada input video, penyolderan ulang dah sy lakukan,penggantian elco dah sy lakukan (bgian ic osc,bag modul IF) blm ada perubahan yg FMC-1245DL SAMSUNG transformer flyback computer monitor 2023000602. For me, just to be safe, try to find a datasheet of the flyback transformer or try to find the TV or old CRT PC monitor service manual/schematics diagram to find the pinout like below. Un televisor Telstar utiliza el Flyback BSC25-N0102 (también numerado como TF-0052-0B) El tubo es de 51cm (aprox: 20 pulgadas), el número inicia con A51. DATA PIN DAN PERSAMAAN PLYBACK TV ( FBT ) DATA PIN FLYBACK 154-064P (goldstar14") 154-177B (goldstar21") FCK-14B047 (akari14") c _ 180v _ b+ _ gnd _ 16v Jump to Sections of this page TV REPAIR SOLUTION GROUP Phillips Ultra Slim CTV Service Code Model 21PT4327/V7 AU SMPS:-IC 5 PIN FLYBACK TRANSFORMER PINOUT Broken circuit boards, often around the flyback transformer (the most heavy weight part on the board) - This is quite easily repairable. Features, Specifications, Alternative Product, Product Training Modules, and Datasheets are all available. This is how I do it without using a volt meter. A flyback serves several purposes in a TV set, mainly the generation of the acceleration voltage for the CRT (typically 20-30kV), and of several auxiliary voltages 7805 arduino atx backlight biquad boiler cable checker capacitor plague ccfl ceiling fan ct sensor dell DivX dm0465r energy monitor ethernet flyback transformer fm haier high voltage hp tx1000 ibm intercom inverter irda lcd led backlight led monitor m1-da mega 2560 myvi notebook noxxa optical mouse oscillator perodua pic microchip PIC16F power My purpose is to aid in the repair and preservation of video arcade, gaming and bowling alley equipment by means of specializing in monitor chassis board repair. com. Rangkaian Charger Tenaga Matahari (Solar Cell). 3V DC. It works with a flat-cable 20 pin connector, but I couldn't find any datasheet or information related to this. The most common fault is shutdown due to an arcing flyback transformer, a common fault in the 233 MHz iMac. Tapi jika fbt short harus diganti. e. Sampo flyback- It start with FEAxxx. My problems are; 1. doc http ://aanservice. Buy It Now. In comparison, the transformer of the counterfeit charger is much lower quality. It was initially designed to generate high current sawtooth signals at a relatively high frequency. Koleksi Data Pinout IC Micom/Jungle. , it functions like a pure inductor, whereas a regular transformer is designed to transfer energy from its primary to secondary and to minimize stored energy. Purchase. Hard to find Flyback Transformers by part numbers a-z. But please do get a resistance meter so that you can develop further your inquisitive attitude. - News Technology Flyback merupakan komponen penting dalam pesawat TV yang fungsi utamanya sebagai penyuplai tegangan tinggi pada CRT, disamping untuk suplai2 tegangan lainnya. 6174v-6002k ฟลายแบ๊คทีวี lg อะไหล่แท้ ร้านนี้ต้องการ JavaScript เพื่อให้ทำงานได้อย่างถูกต้อง. Say I want to transform for 15V to ~120V 1A, how do I find one on, say Mouser? Many Monitor troubleshooter faced problems dealing with identifying the flyback transformer pin out. En esta ocación coloqué un flyback BSC24-01N40 donde había un BSC25-N0102. SAMSUNG Flyback Transformer JF0501-91911 FQH29A003 AA26-00290A. 102 results for flyback transformer samsung Save flyback transformer samsung to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Data pin out 1. Configuración de pines del Fly-Back BSC25-N0102: HR equivalents. TV flyback transformer datasheet list Label: flyback datasheet, Flyback pin, flyback serial number A flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special type of electrical transformer. Berikut data pin out flyback dan persamaan flyback tv sebagai alternatif pengganti jika nomor tipe yang asli tidak ada. FB GOLDSTAR. , Ltd. How to fix monitor flyback transformers problems-either in samsung, likom or any other brand. Give it about 12V and your meter should show some volts when you find the 0V pinout. For 12volt voltage, please measure at the foot of the right edge of IC 7812. data pin flyback FQH 29A003 A flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special type of electrical transformer. During the conduction time of the switching transistor, the current through the transformer primary starts ramping up linearly with the slope equal to Vin/Lp. This is an efficient flyback driver for modern cylindrical rectified television flybacks. No lead time, ship out right away! Data PIN Flyback PIN Flyback 154-064P Goldstar 20A001 samsung FCK - 14A033 FSV - 14A001 Mengenal Flyback Transformer Monitor dan TV (1) MOHON MAAF komentar yang tidak terjawab,silahkan chat saya langsung di Whatsapp +6285246120588 AIWA. This is the most simple and basic converter based on the flyback principle. the data analysis paper says 'INPUT VOLTAGE: 130VDC'. It uses a TBA920 chip as an oscillator, driving a BUT11AF which supplies the primary of the LOPT. era. regulated flyback converters. Jul 11, 2019- Explore Steve Cheetham's board "Electronic", followed by 1150 people on Pinterest. The flyback converter is used in both AC/DC and DC/DC conversion with galvanic isolation between the input and any outputs. The new flyback transformer will prevent intermittent no raster conditions. Acer flyback- It start with 19. 00. ) The main difference between a flyback transformer and a regular transformer is that a flyback transformer is designed to store energy in its magnetic circuit, i. DATA PIN FLYBACK. Flyback TV China. General Description and circuit operation. The size of the transformer cam let you guess the VA of the transformer. Port 1,6 or I2c BUS clock line power transformer. TV sets, computer monitors etc. Many sites doesn’t provide circuits driving these transformers, they simply say that they are bad. QUESTION NO. data pin fbt tv cina: bsc25-4813 bsc 25-n0301cy bsc 25-1003a bsc 25-z603f bsc 25-09n20er bsc 25-n0312a bsc 25-t1010a bsc 24-n40g1 bsc24-01n4001m bsc24-014001d bsc25-n0321 bsc25-n1534 bsc25-n1634 bsc25-z1003 bsc25-z2705 bsc25-z2706 bsc25-n0313 keterangan: 1=tp 2=hout 3=tp 4=b+ 5=tp 6=tp 7grnd 8=h/t… The Flyback Converter Lecture notes ECEN4517! Derivation of the flyback converter: a transformer-isolated version of the buck-boost converter! Typical waveforms, and derivation of M(D) = V/V g! Flyback transformer design considerations! Voltage clamp snubber Derivation of the flyback converter The flyback converter is based on the buck-boost xda-developers Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Eee Pad Transformer Prime General Official 40 pin connector Pinout Thread - Updated 5/24 by bjohnston115 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. But with those 3 different number codes, I don't know which is the model number, so when looking for a pinout, I don't know which number to search by. Help Needed with DC Transformer Pinout These normally-ON devices are well-suited to form the nucleus of cascode-based 20-100 Watt flyback products. Monitor flyback transformer are manufactures by many different manufacturers thus many different types of part numbers are produced. The red wire should arc to a pin on the flyback transformer. Shadow mask inside the tube knocked out of position (mostly in trinitron tubes due to their heavy aperture grille construction) - this renders the tube (and thus usually the set) a dumpster candidate. This can be a good starting point for your quests. Gracias al amigo que se desvelo para darnos tan valiosa información. เบอร์ที่ทดแทนกันได้ : jf0501-2135 (21นิ้ว 25 นิ้ว) Cheapest SMPS Circuit Using MJE13005 Updated: July 3, 2019 by Swagatam The explained circuit in this article is probably the simplest and the cheapest, since it employs minimum number of components and the making of the circuit is very straightforward. 90 € hr8169: fcm14b007a samsung / 3213005 3213008 / 1476 / 1492 1: 27. Watch. The high frequency used permits the use of a much smaller transformer. Abstract: TV flyback transformer trigger transformer flyback transformer tv Flyback transformer design and ratings Pulse Transformer switching transformer winding flyback transformer for medical Pulse Transformers power transformer Text: Communication, Cable TV Systems, Microwave, Test Equipment. The transformer bias winding is used to Browse DigiKey's inventory of Flyback TransformerSwitching Converter, SMPS Transformers. Thousands of discounted electronic components in stock. FB ETRON. For your information, the ac pulse generated by the flyback transformer cannot be check with our normal analog or digital meter. com/2013/06/data-pin-out-flyback. See more ideas about Computer Science, Engenharia elétrica and Engenharia eletrônica. Tekan Sleep di remot tahan >> tekan Menu di panel TV. pwm ic. Anyhoo when I get a customer that's got a failed LCD or Plasma TV and I trace the problem down to a flyback transformer, I usually call it quits and buy a replacement board instead of repairing it. Solusinya adalah mengganti dengan flyback monitor lain yang sama atau membongkar fbt jika kerusakan pada kapasitor tegangan tingginya. Son muy similares con excepción de dos pines. AKIRA. I'm building an SMPS that takes in 110/220V AC and outputs +/- 3. 2007 - TV flyback transformer pinout. All you need to use OB2263 up to a 100W flyback is a properly designed flyback coupled inductor ("transformer") with proper snubber and a good MOSFET. JF0501-2136 Flyback JF05012136 / HR 7174. Brand New. It is capable of producing a variable DC output of up to approximately 30kV. link download FB all. The voltage developed across this winding (the back EMF when the transistor is turned off) is shown on a DMM. However for my own personal stuff I tend to go an extra mile or a hundred, and I've now got two TV's that both have failed flyback transformers. part no. Jika fbt bocor bisa kita tambal dengan lem besi. com, Growamis | Struggle Today Strength Tomorrow. Pinout of Micro-USB connectorMicro-USB is a standard connector for a wide range of portable devices, including cell phones and smartphones Image Search result for mini usb layout Handbook of hardware pinouts, cables schemes and connectors layouts We have found new Pins for your electronic board. Cara/Foto Proses Tahapan Menggulung Dinamo Kipas A Gulungan Motor Mesin Cuci. But as a pinball hack, I find myself in a position where I need to occassionally fix video games. 700xx. HR is world leader in the manufacture of flyback transformers for the spare parts, television and computer markets, and offers you the widest range of original HR models for replacement of faulty transformers, inverters LCD, power supplies LCD, plasma, switch mode transformers and triplers. Samsung Flyabck- It start with FKG-XXXXX, FKD-XXXXXX, FQB-XXXXXX and so on. This is an easy to make high voltage power supply uses the type of flyback transformer that has built in diodes, taken from a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) type of TV. CRT to RGB Conversion (help needed) attempt with a 1999 Samsung with isolation transformer, switch based power supply, and analog RGB inputs as outlined in the Welcome to our site! 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